Just a reminder that the LGBT community isn’t some magical place where everyone is accepted. 


Fucking ignorance just makes me pissy.

what is with the belief that if you’re bi you’re gonna be out there sleeping with everything that moves whether you are in a relationship or not?
People make me sick

It isn’t just the fact that they think bi or poly people sleep with everyone, its the fact that people are selfish and insecure, and believe that if they are in a relationship with someone who enjoys the human body, whether male or female, that they have to be careful with everyone cause they could be a potential threat against the relationship.

That, or worse, like that last guy there

Guess whose sick of rampant biphobia in the gay community.

*Raises middle finger*

It’s long overdue for everyone to acknowledge and understand THE B AND THE T. In LGBT. 

OR MAYBE it’s the fact that nobody wants to know for absolute certain that no matter how happy their partner is with them, there will still always be SOME part of their partner that wants something they can never satisfy.

I’m so sick of this WITH US OR AGAINST US crap. From every direction. There is a BIG difference between being AGAINST you and simply being indifferent or neutral. Just because someone doesn’t want to be with you doesn’t mean they have something AGAINST you or aren’t wishing you every luck in finding who DOES want to be with you in any way.

People want to talk about understanding and acceptance, then how about understanding and accepting that just because someone isn’t completely and entirely in the same boat as you doesn’t mean they are ZOMG BIGOTED against you somehow.

It is not as simple as insecurity and closed-mindedness or fucking “biphobia.” Say a gay man and a bi man are in a relationship, neither of them are insecure, neither of them expect either of them to be leaving them for someone else, BUT, the bi guy DOES have a sexual desire that his gay boyfriend will never be able to satisfy. How would that make you feel? To know that no matter how confident and secure you are in your relationship’s commitment and stability, you will NEVER fully meet his needs? What does that feel like for the bi partner? So you can say with certainty that even though you want both, you’ll be perfectly content and satisfied with only one? That you’ll never EVER want to TRY the other flavor? That if you ever do slip and try it, you are CERTAIN that you won’t find yourself leaning more in that direction than you’d have thought you would?

NOBODY thinks they will ever break up with their partner when they enter into a committed long-term relationship. But hey guess what, it happens all the time, and often through no fault of either partner. But when there IS fault, it is almost ALWAYS down to one or both sleeping with someone else.

Acting like it’s all about the person and not the parts is also a cop-out. If that were true, then there’d be a lot more people in relationships with asexuals. How many of you would be satisfied in a relationship with an asexual? At SOME point, physical sex and attraction IS a factor, and it is closed-minded and ignorant to act like a person is a bad person for needing what their desires tell them they need.

So that’s a key point too: a bi person isn’t BAD or WRONG at all for wanting or needing sexual interaction with both sexes. Neither is a person who wants/needs more than one single-sex partner, or a person who wants/needs a relationship without sex as a factor. EVERYONE needs to be aware that EVERYONE has different needs, and to make those needs known at the start of any kind of relationship. NOBODY should be faulted simply for acknowledging that their needs will not be met by people with conflicting needs.

Rather than read these as “I’m biphobic, I don’t want a bi partner because I JUST SUCK AND I’M A BAD PERSON,” how about taking them as “I want a partner who meets my wants and needs and who I can be confident I can fulfill all their wants and needs as well - I don’t want to waste the time of a person who would never be fully satisfied with me.”

Are sexual people BAD GUYS if they can’t make a relationship with an asexual work, or if they know they don’t even want to try to do so? It’s not JUDGING or phobia against asexuals, it’s just knowing what they want and need, and not wanting to be in a relationship where it’s a built-in Given that they won’t get it.

Sometimes people need to get over themselves, and rather than spew judgement and scorn at others simply because you’re not what they want, go look for the MANY people out there who DO want what you are, and focus on that instead.

PREACH. This. SO MUCH THIS. when I was reading to the comments this is all what I was thinking and I was hoping that Blade would say it and I’M SO GLAD HE DID. 

All five bi dudes I have dated cheated on me with girls. Two have given std’s
Every person bisexual I have ever known has cheated on more than one partner.
Im just saying, generally speaking, the bastards ruin it for all if us.

Now in the defense of bisexuals everywhere, I know the pain of these ruthless allegations.
Because im gay. And I dont dress chic, but people still want me to go shopping with them.

this post is still getting biphobic trash that excuses these shitty tweets but i do not have the energy for this post anymore someone help

Comparing “I couldn’t date an asexual because I need physical affection” to “I couldn’t date a bisexual because I’m afraid I wouldn’t be able to satisfy all their desires” is so illogical it hurts.  It’s not even comparable.

Thinking that a bisexual MUST cheat just because they HAVE to have partners of both sexes at all times is like thinking a guy that likes girls with big boobs and girls with small boobs MUST cheat on you because you have small boobs and he’ll have to find someone with big boobs to satisfy his whole range of desires.  It’s simply a baseless fucking paranoia.  I like redheads but if I’m dating a brunette I’m not going to just fucking cheat to satisfy my whole range of desires.  The same goes for genitalia.

Even though I’m not even romantically attracted to dudes, I can assure you being sexually attracted to penises doesn’t mean you’re going to jump on the first one that becomes available, and vice versa.

And using the logic that all your bisexual exes have cheated on you isn’t a proper justification.  Law of odds works weird with the huge sample sizes that human populations offer, and sometimes, just sometimes, you happen to get a huge mix of cheating bastards that also happen to be bisexual in one location.  But nonetheless, correlation doesn’t equate to causation.  Bisexuals are no more likely to be cheaters than hetero or homosexuals.

So fuck off with your insecurities.